Individual assistance

As a result of heavy cuts in government allowances in health care, increasingly more people are turning to private charities for help. The RDO Bailiwick of Utrecht hopes this may help to prevent the social exclusion of people who belong to our target group.
The individual assistance provided by the RDO Bailiwick of Utrecht consists of:

  • Supplying general daily needs (such as lift chairs, electric bikes, furniture, white goods)
  • Means of transport for the handicapped
  • Adaptations in houses (e.g. stair lift, suitable modification of bathroom)
  • Help with debt repayment for those who through illness and/or handicap find themselves in financial straits.
  • Individual hardship relief through emergency social security agencies, for example, to the SSUN and existing emergency help agencies (Utrecht, Leiden and Delft) and those currently being set up.

The RDO Bailiwick of Utrecht gives no structural aid but concentrates rather on specific requests for help. This means that in the main one-off contributions are given. Requests for individual assistance are passed via the social workers of official social agencies.